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The NYC Open 311 does not seem to follow the Open 311 v2 Spec Please advise

@davidm49090: Empty responses are a result of exceeding the proxy request limit. This is intended to prevent denial of service attacks against the API proxy. To avoid this we recommend implementing some type of caching mechanism to reduce the number of times you need to make the same request. You can also review the HTTP status code that is returned in the proxy response. This will typically provide more information in the event of an unexpected response e.g. missing or incorrect API parameters returns a status code of 403 with a response of “Authentication parameters missing” or “Authentication failed”, correspondingly.

I'm having the same problem with empty responses... happens nearly 8 times out of 10.

Hi Joel, Let us know if this issue is resolved. Thanks!

Howdy! The Open311 Inquiry API is returning empty responses right now, even with live app id/keys, is it temporarily unavailable? Thanks! Joel

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Can you describe what an example AJAX or json request might look like to query this API? The AJAX requests I'm making in javascript keep returning the following error " Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token : script.js:60 Failed!" in my console. This appears to be something related to the URL as when it is called, an added colon appears.

How to us it in php, couldn't find any description regarding the same!!!

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