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I have tried api but every time i got Authentication failed response. Please help me Thanks Thumbnails not loading, checked on Firefox and Chromium.

When I first created my account and changed my password, I couldn't click on the tickbox that said I had read the terms of service - even when I scrolled through the text. It was a tickbox with a greyed out tick that didnt change when I clicked it.

I request a new password and a link is returned. It sends me to a page to create a new password but needs the old password to do it. Isn't there a better way to manage access? Please help. Thank you, March

Great ideal to encourage me to word hard on my API process currently out of Country from NY Bronx tracking event keeping me on update API/ Applied research project resolution plan data analysis and interpretation classified evidence needs privacy and security. I can see that API what i learn from TMS VA University thought me alot collective ideal Privacy Act .HIPAA

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NYC Police Department needs to release a writable API Hack a thon url: API Documentation:

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I have tried api but every time i got Authentication failed response. Please help me how can i access api and got correct response. Thanks

curl -v -X GET "" What is this supposed to do? The documentation says it will return the current alternate side parking information. Does this include suspension due to snow removal etc? Currently it does not seem to do anything but say "Data is updated"??? It returns not very useful information: <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <generator>Feed Editor</generator> <pubDate>5 Jan 2012 10:08:32 GMT</pubDate> <title>Parking Regulations Raw Data Has been Updated!</title> <description></description> <link></link> <language>en</language> <item> <title>Data Updated</title> <pubDate>22 Nov 2013 16:34:33 GMT</pubDate> <link></link> <guid isPermaLink="false">ACDACE4C-231C-410C-92C9-DA4C9EF129CC</guid> </item> </channel></rss>

Latitude and Longitude are swapped in the json response: curl -v -X GET "" { "address": { "assemblyDistrict": "65", "bbl": "1000690018", "bblBoroughCode": "1", "bblTaxBlock": "00069", "bblTaxLot": "0018", "boardOfElectionsPreferredLgc": "1", "boePreferredStreetName": "GOLD STREET", "boePreferredstreetCode": "12135001", "boroughCode1In": "1", "buildingIdentificationNumber": "1087146", "businessImprovementDistrict": "113140", "censusBlock2000": "1004", "censusBlock2010": "2007", "censusTract1990": " 1502", "censusTract2000": " 1502", "censusTract2010": " 1502", "cityCouncilDistrict": "01", "civilCourtDistrict": "01", "coincidentSegmentCount": "1", "communityDistrict": "101", "communityDistrictBoroughCode": "1", "communityDistrictNumber": "01", "communitySchoolDistrict": "02", "condominiumBillingBbl": "0000000000", "congressionalDistrict": "10", "cooperativeIdNumber": "0000", "crossStreetNamesFlagIn": "E", "curveFlag": "R", "dcpPreferredLgc": "01", "dotStreetLightContractorArea": "1", "dynamicBlock": "114", "electionDistrict": "085", "fireBattalion": "01", "fireCompanyNumber": "004", "fireCompanyType": "E", "fireDivision": "01", "firstBoroughName": "MANHATTAN", "firstStreetCode": "12135001010", "firstStreetNameNormalized": "GOLD STREET", "fromLionNodeId": "0015317", "fromPreferredLgcsFirstSetOf5": "0101", "genericId": "0068949", "geosupportFunctionCode": "1B", "geosupportReturnCode": "00", "geosupportReturnCode2": "00", "gi5DigitStreetCode1": "21350", "gi5DigitStreetCode2": "25630", "gi5DigitStreetCode3": "29010", "gi5DigitStreetCode4": "21350", "giBoroughCode1": "1", "giBoroughCode2": "1", "giBoroughCode3": "1", "giBoroughCode4": "1", "giBuildingIdentificationNumber1": "1087146", "giBuildingIdentificationNumber2": "1087146", "giBuildingIdentificationNumber3": "1087146", "giBuildingIdentificationNumber4": "1088318", "giDcpPreferredLgc1": "01", "giDcpPreferredLgc2": "01", "giDcpPreferredLgc3": "01", "giDcpPreferredLgc4": "01", "giHighHouseNumber1": "14", "giHighHouseNumber2": "97", "giHighHouseNumber3": "20", "giHighHouseNumber4": "14 REAR", "giLowHouseNumber1": "2", "giLowHouseNumber2": "89", "giLowHouseNumber3": "12", "giLowHouseNumber4": "14 REAR", "giSideOfStreetIndicator1": "R", "giSideOfStreetIndicator2": "L", "giSideOfStreetIndicator3": "R", "giSideOfStreetIndicator4": "R", "giStreetCode1": "12135001", "giStreetCode2": "12563001", "giStreetCode3": "12901001", "giStreetCode4": "12135001", "giStreetName1": "GOLD STREET", "giStreetName2": "MAIDEN LANE", "giStreetName3": "PLATT STREET", "giStreetName4": "GOLD STREET", "healthArea": "7700", "healthCenterDistrict": "15", "highBblOfThisBuildingsCondominiumUnits": "1000690018", "highCrossStreetB5SC1": "129010", "highCrossStreetCode1": "12901001", "highCrossStreetName1": "PLATT STREET", "highHouseNumberOfBlockfaceSortFormat": "000016000AA", "houseNumber": "2", "houseNumberIn": "2", "houseNumberSortFormat": "000002000AA", "interimAssistanceEligibilityIndicator": "I", "internalLabelXCoordinate": "0982323", "internalLabelYCoordinate": "0197000", "latitude": -74.00733632610573, "latitudeInternalLabel": -74.00695040410368, "legacySegmentId": "0023300", "lionBoroughCode": "1", "lionBoroughCodeForVanityAddress": "1", "lionFaceCode": "2595", "lionFaceCodeForVanityAddress": "2595", "lionKey": "1259500010", "lionKeyForVanityAddress": "1259500010", "lionSequenceNumber": "00010", "lionSequenceNumberForVanityAddress": "00010", "listOf4Lgcs": "01", "longitude": 40.707294420432405, "longitudeInternalLabel": 40.7073960006394, "lowBblOfThisBuildingsCondominiumUnits": "1000690018", "lowCrossStreetB5SC1": "124990", "lowCrossStreetB5SC2": "125630", "lowCrossStreetCode1": "12499001", "lowCrossStreetCode2": "12563001", "lowCrossStreetName1": "LIBERTY STREET", "lowCrossStreetName2": "MAIDEN LANE", "lowHouseNumberOfBlockfaceSortFormat": "000002000AA", "lowHouseNumberOfDefiningAddressRange": "000002000AA", "nta": "MN25", "ntaName": "Battery Park City-Lower Manhattan", "numberOfCrossStreetB5SCsHighAddressEnd": "1", "numberOfCrossStreetB5SCsLowAddressEnd": "2", "numberOfCrossStreetsHighAddressEnd": "1", "numberOfCrossStreetsLowAddressEnd": "2", "numberOfEntriesInListOfGeographicIdentifiers": "0004", "numberOfExistingStructuresOnLot": "0002", "numberOfStreetFrontagesOfLot": "03", "physicalId": "0079724", "policePatrolBoroughCommand": "1", "policePrecinct": "001", "radiusOfCircle": "0000637", "returnCode1a": "00", "returnCode1e": "00", "roadwayType": "1", "rpadBuildingClassificationCode": "D8", "rpadSelfCheckCodeForBbl": "7", "sanbornBoroughCode": "1", "sanbornPageNumber": "012", "sanbornVolumeNumber": "1S", "sanitationDistrict": "101", "sanitationSnowPriorityCode": "P", "secantLocationRelatedToCurve": "L", "segmentAzimuth": "053", "segmentIdentifier": "0023300", "segmentLengthInFeet": "00292", "segmentOrientation": "N", "segmentTypeCode": "U", "sideOfStreetIndicator": "R", "sideOfStreetOfVanityAddress": "R", "splitLowHouseNumber": "000002000AA", "stateSenatorialDistrict": "26", "streetName1In": "GOLD STREET", "streetStatus": "2", "taxMapNumberSectionAndVolume": "10102", "toLionNodeId": "0015341", "toPreferredLgcsFirstSetOf5": "01", "trafficDirection": "A", "underlyingStreetCode": "12135001", "workAreaFormatIndicatorIn": "C", "xCoordinate": "0982216", "xCoordinateHighAddressEnd": "0982354", "xCoordinateLowAddressEnd": "0982182", "xCoordinateOfCenterofCurvature": "0981769", "yCoordinate": "0196963", "yCoordinateHighAddressEnd": "0197168", "yCoordinateLowAddressEnd": "0196936", "yCoordinateOfCenterofCurvature": "0197421", "zipCode": "10038" } }

Hi, I want to check out the GeoService API but can't get to it. Here is what happens. I'm logged into the site with my account. When clicking the link to see the documentation ( I get briefly to a page that read "3 scale SSO", then see the following URL in the browser for one second: but then get redirected to the home page Happens on Firefox 24 and IE9 on a Windows 7 PC. Help please. Thanks! Philip

App Showcase “Google play” buttons go to Google play page: “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server” or to “this page is not available.” DOT’s “You the Man,” works & goes to Google play Shop for the app (258 characters and spaces)

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How do I submit an app? Thanks. Yours sincerely, AnhTu

When logged in, is it possible to see other people's questions, issues, enhancements, or comments?

Hi Noel, It is not required to see other people's questions, issues, enhancements, or comments. However, it is required to submit new feedback or to reply to other feedback.

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