How do I obtain a Developer Key?

Step 1) While Logged in, click the "My API Keys" link located in the navigation bar:

Step 2) On the “Applications” page, Click “Create a New Application”:

Step 3) On the “Select an API” page, click the desired Service (API or Dataset) or click “See API details” to see more information about that API:

After selecting an API, you will be sent to the "New Application" page for the API that you selected.

Step 4) On the "New Application" page, enter a name and description for the application to be made and click "Create Application":

If the application submission is successful, you will be directed to the new application's page where you can create/delete new application keys, view the application ID, and edit the application name/description/API.

If the submission is unsuccessful, a red error message will appear on the screen, describing what needs to be fixed.

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